The man who takes care with proportion in his suits and dress shirts always looks good. Unfortunately, this point is woefully under appreciated today; it's rare to find a man whose style is understated elegance, the kind of man who people feel is always well dressed without knowing why. Most men's suits and dress shirts sold in stores are available in only a few standard sizes and are constructed according to the fashion of their day. It's true that with proper tailoring most men can get a reasonable fit out of a retail suit or other garment, but with a suit especially there are so many opportunities for customization that one misses out on a lot when buying off the rack. In retail, crucial details like gorge height, closure, button stance, and lapel width are dictated by the whims of fashion rather than the needs of a wearer's unique body


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Matches offer the latest menswear and womenswear designer fashion from the likes of Diane von Furstenberg to Alexander McQueen, Acne to Lanvin as well as introducing new designers from across the globe. Browse by designer and choose from the likes of Stella McCartney, Burberry Prorsum, Maxmara, Balenciaga, Chloe, Christian Louboutin or browse by category and view our full range of designer dresses, trousers, jeans, shirts, tops, knitwear, shoes, handbags and accessories. With over 20 years of experience in cutting-edge luxury fashion retail and 14 stores dotted around London’s chicest neighbourhoods. Regardless of where you are in the world you can still experience Matches’ luxury service online through our My Stylist team, offering a personalised shopping experience with unrivalled styling advice and fashion recommendations tailored to your tastes and requirements

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Men's Style Guide - Illustrated Menswear Articles
A Tailored Suit's library of men's style articles; these unique fashion articles will help you build a foundation in classic men's style.Contrary to popular belief, men's dress clothes should always be comfortable. If they are not, it is the fault of the clothes' fit, and not of their nature. Suffering for beauty's sake does not do a man any good, either; if the fit of a garment makes its wearer uncomfortable, he will look it. Indeed, a man looks his best when his clothes fit so well he barely notices them. On the other hand, if his suit or dress shirt are too tight, they will be pulling and choking at every turn; too loose, and a man looks like he has had to borrow some clean clothes from his older brother as he struggles to keep them out of the way. A man's clothes send a message to the world about him, and if they fit him well, he will always make a good impression. Most men today wear poorly-fitting clothes, and it is not hard to see why. The menswear sold in stores are cut to fit as many men as possible, and that means big.

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t-shirts, knitwear, shirts, mens jeans, trousers, mens shorts, mens suits

t-shirts, knitwear, shirts, mens jeans, trousers, mens shorts, mens suits

mens fashion, mens clothing, mens clothes, mens gift ideas

mens fashion, mens clothing, mens clothes, mens gift ideas, t-shirts, knitwear, shirts, mens jeans, trousers, mens shorts, mens suits, mens jackets, mens shoes, mens socks, mens underwear, mens clothing, mens fashion

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